Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Not Really A Suspension 

I didn't expect diplomacy to work, but this must beat some sort of brevity record:
Iran is demanding that it be allowed to make an exception in its commitment to freeze all uranium enrichment activities so it can operate about about two dozen centrifuges, diplomats said Wednesday..

The Iranians have told the International Atomic Energy Agency — the U.N. nuclear watchdog — that they want to operate the centrifuges "for research purposes," the diplomats told The Associated Press.
The Iranians say they do it for commercial purposes, yet spend who knows how much cash on their nuclear programs when electricity-generating reactors are readily available on the market. Heck even those have been used for the wrong reasons for thirty years. Iran can get all the nuclear power it wants if the international community can see that it was an honest player, but it's not an honest player, and that induces a lot of very serious questions.
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