Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The Iran Nuke Mess And The CIA 

I don't care what the Euro-troika and the mullahs have agreed to. I still don't trust the Iranian government to not go nuclear. In such a situation high on unknowns (or even "unknown unknowns," as Rummy would say), it is the job of the intelligence services to get behind what exactly is happening in Tehran. But because the CIA's such an incompetent mess in assessing the other three rogue state weapons program that's been in the spotlight in the past four years (Iraq, Libya, North Korea), we're not likely to know anything anytime soon (without, God forbid, a mushroom cloud appearing somewhere in North America). Which is why Goss' necessary reforms at the CIA is riling so many people in the agency, and why I take that as a positive sign of things there.
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