Monday, July 19, 2004

On Guilty Caffeinated Pleasures 

A week and a half ago, there was a short discussion on Across the Board about Starbucks beverages. Specifically, Jonathan Kay was griping about how a "strawberry and cream frappuchino" was such a rip. This elicited a hilarious response from Kevin Jaeger about how real conservatives enjoy endangered game on the barby and how we raise the kids on the shooting range.

Well today the NPers doing it again. This time, Adam Radwanski feels like a sissy after ordering a vanilla fudge brownie latte at Second Cup. Now, this is Radwanski, and I've already exposed for the English-reading world that Kay has to keep Radwanski on a very short leash, lest the pinko goes out and writes something heretical. But the fact that this topic has popped up again in so many days is nothing less than priceless.

And, in the spirit of discussing such important issues as beverage preferences, here are some confessions I must make: I hope this doesn't get me kicked off the next Shotgun barby invite list... ...that is, if they're planning one at all. The Meathead still hasn't done squat since John Tarantino and I suggested that he host one when he got printed in the NP.
Looks like my bbq will be in early September; possibly even Labour Day weekend.

hows that?
I dunno, I don't want no girlie men with their girlie drinks around my kids. But I don't think an IceCap at Tim Horton's is a girlie drink, but I have to say it doesn't really go with rare meat fresh off the barby.

Certainly when in Europe on a hot summer afternoon I've enjoyed the occasional EisKaffee. In any case none of that is in the same league as a friggin' Strawberry and Cream Frappachino.
That's probably really bad timing for me on the barby.

Yah I figured the IceCap isn't all that girly. Although I wouldn't drink that with my whooping crane drumsticks.

In any case, it's the fat issue that concerns me, mainly 'cuz I don't get enough exercise to work it off.
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