Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Blogs In Print 

Well the secret's out. The National Post has begun printing blog entries from various Canadian bloggers.

The two lucky first stars are the Meatriarchy (printed post) and Atomiq: both entries were about the Canadian election.

Gene Smith of Atomiq seems to take offense at what he considers to be "old media condescension". Note to Gene: the NP is not condescension; this is (via Ghost of a Flea). Although I think the NP should've done the less web-aware readers a favour and wrote a couple of lines on the side explaining what exactly is a "blogger".

And oh, good point: when's the barby, meathead?
Everyone seems to want me to host a barbecue. I am open to the challenge.

How many lazy bloggers are will to haul ass out to the country?

Oh, I was only commenting on the label "Bloggers' Corner," which seems a bit amateurish (a point Colby Cosh made on my blog). Actually, I feel pretty lucky to have selected.

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