Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Orange Oblasts, Blue Oblasts 

J.J. McCullough has quite possibly the best attempt to bring some humour into the Ukrainian situation:

Property of J.J. McCullough
(Apologies to the anonymous Jesusland cartographer.)

There's also a more detailed and serious look at the Ukraine election results with color shading. The percentages we're dealing with here are mind-boggling. I'm not a big fan of the "purple map" because it's pretty hard for anywhere to vote near 100% for one side, so it suggests a ridiculously extreme definition of partisanship (Philip Kennicott has a WaPo article against excessive cartographical punditry in general). But it appears that the 100% scale would actually be appropriate in this case.

And here is a map of the skyrocket in voter turnout in "Stalinland" between the two rounds of voting (via Insta), circumstantial evidence of some sort of electoral fraud.
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