Tuesday, December 07, 2004


From the National Park Service at http://www.npswapa.org/gallery/album13

Apologies for the much-belated notice, but I'm not going to be blogging for a while, not until Dec. 16 at the earliest. I have six final exams, of which I have finished one as of this time. Five days of exams from yesterday to the upcoming Saturday, plus next Thursday. Yah I don't think there's much time for anything else.

I'm contemplating getting my own server and domain name. Recommendations for hosts are welcome (e-mail me; I'm still checking).

On a different note, today is the anniversary of a Day of Infamy, which brought America into the world's struggle against tyranny. Her contribution was essential to victory, and I thank those who sacrificed so much for the sake of future generations.
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