Friday, December 17, 2004

Here's Johnny 

I'm back to blogging now, after my last exam today. Okay, maybe not really "back", since I've been so out of the loop I don't know what to think about anything in the news now. So I'll just complain about how pathetic was the finale of The Apprentice (damn that's three hours I'll never get back), and that the third season looks even worse.

Actually, I won't write about the crappiness of the finale, 'cuz someone else (from MSNBC, no less) already did. The opinions expressed in the article are pretty much the same as my own, although I preferred Kelly more, ever since Jen's credit-stealing stunt in the Levi's catalogue task.

Well, I will miss Raj. He's the only contestant I liked in this season. And you got to love that web site of his.

Speaking of web sites, I've registered a domain name and I'll be getting a hosting plan tomorrow. The new blog will merge my political and personal blogs into one, although it'll most likely be more political than anything else. Plus I'll have some personal photo galleries and other things. But everything's going to be hush-hush until I'm done.
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