Monday, November 01, 2004

Last Minute Wrap-Up 

Outline map from edHelper.comPredictions using actual analytic means have been done so many times by so many people that I am not going to add myself to the mix. My prediction is purely based on copying an outline map into Microsoft Paint and starting to fill in the states blue and red, which essentially combines all my biases and intuitions into one fluid process.

My results: Bush/Cheney 296, Kerry/Edwards 242.

I'll be heading south of the border tomorrow to GOP HQ in WA with the UBC Young Conservatives. Speaking of the UBCYC, it appears that our site have been attracting some interesting visitors lately. My opinion is that Joel deserves to be president just to piss these guys off.

If they have Wi-Fi there (and they will, dammit!), there'll be some fun liveblogging action here tomorrow night!
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