Sunday, November 07, 2004

Asking The Right Questions 

I think that most of those exit polled probably knew what the pollsters were getting at when they asked about "moral values." But the idea of lumping many diverse issues such as religious freedom, abortion and same-sex marriage together into some abstract category, while ignoring quite possibly the most pressing moral issue of our time, probably didn't impress them all that much. As Mark Steyn puts it:
All the above is unworthy of a serious political party. As for this exit-poll data that everyone's all excited about, what does it mean when 22 percent of the electorate say their main concern was "moral issues"? Gay marriage? Abortion? Or is it something broader? For many of us, the war is also a moral issue, and the Democrats are on the wrong side of it, standing not with the women voting proudly in Afghanistan's first election but with the amoral and corrupt U.N., the amoral and cynical Jacques Chirac, the amoral and revolting head-hackers whom Democratic Convention guest of honor Michael Moore described as Iraq's ''minutemen.''
Morality is an everyday part of our lives. It's not just a shorthand for certain hot-button issues.
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