Tuesday, October 19, 2004

A Warning From The Past 

Reading this horrific account of the brutality of Fallujah "insurgents", I am reminded of these lines from Richard Pipes' Communism: A History:
Some Western intellectuals, unwilling to blame this unprecedented slaughter on the Communists, attributed it to the Americans, who in 1969-73 had bombed Cambodia in an attempt to destroy the Vietcong forces that had sought refuge there. It is difficult to see, however, why the Camodians' rage against the Americans would vent itself in the killing of 2 million of their own people.
Although a different ideology (Communism vs. radical Islam), it's the same mentality at work for the monsters in Fallujah. And once again, the "great minds" of the West is weakening the resolve to eradicate our enemy. What might change this time, however, is the will to finish the job, and that is my hope and prayer.
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