Thursday, October 14, 2004

Sorry Baghdad, Our Forces Are Broke 

Canada won't send troops to Iraq any time soon. Is it because of our superior moral position? No, it's because we've run out of troops and supplies to send.
"There's a limit to our resources," Martin said Thursday after meeting with French President Jacques Chirac during a European tour. "And that's why I'm putting the focus right now on Afghanistan, on Haiti. "Whatever it is that we do, I really want to see us do it in an area that makes a difference."

It's best to focus on countries where Canada's work is obviously helping than to spread efforts too thin, Martin said.

We have 1500 men and women deployed around the world. A country with two-thirds our population has 2000.

None of this is really news, but one still feels the impact of how little our men and women in uniform have to work with, especially when in the context of something like the unnecessary death of one of them.
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