Friday, October 08, 2004

On Duelfer 

I haven't any plans to read the 964 pages or so of the Duelfer Report, although I am going through the abridged summary. From what I've read so far, as well as articles from the NYT and USA Today, it appears that the following can be said: At the end of the day, I'm willing to concede that the WMD issue alone would be insufficient in justifying an invasion of Iraq at the time of OIF; resource may have been better used in an invasion of North Korea or Iran instead. Nonetheless, Iraq was undeniably a state sponsor of terrorism with possible links to Al-Qaeda; a confrontation was only a matter of time.

I feel that I have to say this at some point: it doesn't seem so much that the war naysayers correctly assessed the situation, as it was that wishful thinking actually worked out for once. You can say I'm delusional, but that's my gut feeling on this.

Andrew Coyne says essentially the same thing, although he's more forceful than I am on the issue.
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