Saturday, October 30, 2004

Don't Know, Don't Care 

I really don't care if Osama is dead or alive. What matters to me is whether he is still a threat to the civilized world. Of course, he'd be less of a threat if he was splattered inside a crater or locked in a cell, but considering his major shift in objectives, I'd say we're getting closer to the ideal.

Read the transcript at the Belmont Club. Osama has borrowed all the soundbites used by the appeasing Left to justify "making peace" with these sorts of people. The bad thing is that you know that this will invigorate the moonbats, but considering Osama's past goals of being the next Caliph, this is practically humiliating. Makes you wonder why he'd talk like this.

And hey, didn't this guy get all jihadi because the Russians invaded Afghanistan, before Peace for Galilee?
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