Tuesday, August 03, 2004

A Sure Solution To Broken Promises 

Dalton McGuinty is the latest politician to realize that talk (AKA campaign promises) is a whole lot cheaper than action. This is the exact same problem as what Gordon Campbell did in BC when he made a whole bunch of promises when the election was all but won, even before the writ was dropped.

Personally, I hate it when politicians promise to do this or do that. The only promises that a politician should make is to not do things: don't slip your hands into my wallet, don't waste money in ridiculous spending programs, don't tell me that I want such-and-such because some special interest group has been nagging for it. Just make sure the streets are safe for me to roam at night (or let me protect myself if they're not). Mostly, this involves simply sitting on one's butt, so I wonder why it's so rarely done.

Ambition is a fine attribute, as long as your ambition in the PM's/Premier's/Mayor's office isn't stiffling the ambitions of the rest of us.
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