Friday, August 06, 2004

Robotic Kosher Fun 

© 2004 Ben Baruch

Shalom! A Gentile would like to ask all Jewish readers out there: is this (via Accordion Guy) an appropriate way to learn about Judaism? Not offensive, but maybe a bit silly for educational purposes.

But then, I've learned in less than 20 minutes more things not allowed during the Sabbath than I've ever imagined.

PS: I actually know the Commandments before this... ...well I know the jist of them, not verbatim what they are.
Maybe it's a beginning....

For introductory material at a basic level, may I recommend http://www.innernet.org.il Think of it as a Reader's Digest offering abridged versions of articles and books on Jewish religious topics.

Jerusalem Post (http://www.jpost.com) publishes many columns and articles written from a religious perspective. Star contributors include Shmuley Boteach, Stewart Weiss, Jonathan Rosenblum and Berel Wein. The latter two also offer their columns on their own websites:


A wealth of information is available on these sites:



--The Shamir Worm
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