Friday, August 13, 2004

A Glimpse Into Ideological War? 

Yesterday, when Global National needed to talk to a reporter in Iraq, Kevin Newman found himself chatting with Fox News' Caroline Shively.

Today, I am (unfortunately) reminded once again that the National Post is printing columns by Sheila Copps.

I submit the above as evidence that Canwest Global is either schizophrenic or going through corporate adolescence as it figures out where it actually stands on the issues. Check out the comments on this Shotgun post for more theories on Copps' appearance in the NP today, which has been noted to be poorly edited.
At first I kind of liked the idea of Copp's doing Op. pieces in the Post (easily my favourite paper), mainly because it would piss off the Martin crowd.

But damn, her article was just horrible. Her points were muddled and hardly made any sense.
The circularity of her argument confounded me. It appears that Sheila really believes all the things she says to the point that she has no clue of the purpose of the Parliament Hill protesters.
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