Monday, July 19, 2004

No Moore Ms. Ronstadt 

This is what happens when Hollywood celebrities are let out of the ivory tower. Either that, or Linda Ronstadt knows America well enough to know exactly which buttons to push to get herself fired. Bravo to the Las Vegas tourists, who sometimes can be amongst the most representative of average Americans, as anyone that has gone there can testify.
Can't wait for the anguish over how Linda's right of free speech is being attacked. Naturally Donald Rumsfeld, George Bush and Dick Cheney were in the audience and instigated the whole thing. It was all about the oil. And Halliburton.
Radwanski's already bitching about it on ATB. Seriously, if you really did rile up a bunch of Vegas tourists because you promoted Michael Moore, I think the extra security escorting your exit is probably partly for your own safety.
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