Wednesday, July 21, 2004

New Health Minister Makes Me Sick 

I'm gonna be blunt: anyone with a past with the BC NDP getting appointed as Health Minister gives me the heebie-jeebies.
The most bizarre thing is how Ujjal Dosanjh turned into (or was made into) a «star» for no apparent reason. um, he`s a former premier of BC but who cares ... Vanderzam or Glen Clark can count that on his resume. Plus, Ujjal ran the NDP into the ground, leaving them with only 2 seats. If this guy is a star in Team Martin, then the Libs are fucked.
Besides being a premier, I'd say that Dosanjh's only other credential for being Health Minister is suing tobacco companies. Big whoop.

But it's pretty obvious what are the two reasons behind the appointment:

1) Rewarding BC for giving the Liberals more seats.
2) Re-assuring the single-tier diehards when Martin gives in and relents on private delivery (see Nixon & China)
it's not politically correct but reason #3 has to be that Ujjal is indo-canadian and Martin needed a strong indo-canadian since he hates Herb Dhaliwal so much and would never ever ever allow him into cabinet.
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