Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Is Izzy Spinning In His Grave? 

How in the world did the network of Izzy Asper end up doing its federal election TV coverage with a former Refom leader and a Liberal pariah for its "expert" commentators?

I can still remember when conservatives were freaking out when Conrad Black sold the National Post to Izzy. Now, the NP did lose Mark Steyn, Christie Blatchford, and Paul Wells, but does anyone seriously think that CanWest is still the Grit love-in it used to be? I sure don't see a Russell Mills happening anymore. Incidently, the Citizen endorsed the Conservatives in the election.

Maybe it's the same deal as Warren K, and Paul Martin's regicide pissed the Aspers off? Plus, with Izzy himself no longer around, maybe his family doesn't feel quite as enthusiastic as to interfere with media operations. Of course, these would be positive developments.

Whatever it is, I've found looking at Kevin Newman's mug a lot more than I'm comfortable with. At least he's on vacation for now. But yah, media bias can be a very strange thing at times.
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