Friday, July 09, 2004

How Quickly They've Forgotten 

Iraq is becoming a major "magnet" for al Qaeda terrorists, who now pose more of a threat than remnants of Saddam Hussein's Baath Party, two analysts said Tuesday after a truck bomb killed 17 at the U.N. headquarters in Baghdad.
The commander of US ground forces in Iraq today said that his soldiers had become a "magnet" for foreign terrorists who wanted to strike at America.

Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez said the sophistication of the guerilla attacks, which Washington customarily blames on the former regime's loyalists, had increased over the last month.
Message: Bush made things worse in the Middle East by pissing off everyone over there, and he's trying to cover it up by blaming it on Saddam.

Contrary to U.S. government claims, the insurgency in Iraq is led by well-armed Sunnis angry about losing power, not foreign fighters, and is far larger than previously thought, American military officials say.

The officials told The Associated Press the guerrillas can call on loyalists to boost their forces to as high as 20,000 and have enough popular support among nationalist Iraqis angered by the presence of U.S. troops that they cannot be militarily defeated.


The developing intelligence picture of the insurgency contrasts with the commonly stated view in the Bush administration that the fighting is fueled by foreign warriors intent on creating an Islamic state.
Message: Bush made things worse in the Middle East by, um, not pissing everyone off, and he's trying to cover it up by blaming it on al-Qaeda... ....okay he actually blamed it on Saddam, which we didn't believe, but hey, uh... ...BUSH LIIIIIIEEEEEED!!!

Uh, yah, that's it.

Quite honestly, the question of who is setting off car bombs killing innocent Iraqis doesn't really matter those getting bombed. But now that Iraqis know that the future is in their own hands, they certainly won't take this sort of thing for much longer, whether it be from their self-proclaimed "compatriots" or "fellow Muslims" outside Iraq's borders.

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