Thursday, July 15, 2004

Frequent And Infrequent Flyers 

WaPo did some number crunching and found the Colin Powell has done less travelling than any Secretary of State since William P. Rogers of the Nixon administration, while President Bush has done more travelling in his first term than any recent president besides his father.

What I'm interested about is how much travelling Rummy has done relative to previous SecDefs. How often the National Security Advisor goes on the media blitz would also be useful. Heck, throw in Armitage and Wolfowitz.

It was noted that Powell's homebody tendencies were showing before September 11, in the Chinese aircraft collision incident (ironically, on 9/11 itself, Powell was in Chile). Nonetheless, if Rummy is out of the house relatively more than Colin is out and about, it may be empirical evidence of the sort of shift in preferences in administration policy that the Left has been bemoaning and the Right has been praising all this time.

And as a math/econ student, I'll all about the empirical evidence. ;)
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