Friday, July 30, 2004

Free Our Airwaves! 

Seriously: if we can let Al-Jazeera air in Canada, I don't see why we can't let Fox News Channel do the same.

What's more puzzling is the CRTC's justification to not allow channels to air in Canada because of fear of "competition". It's a lame reason in any case, but Fox News is applying for a digital cable/satellite license, which means they would be competing with... ...other non-Canadian news channels. Even if I buy their pathetic "competition" excuse, why would the CRTC give a crap about foreign networks competing amongst themselves in Canada?

People who don't like FNC should seriously think about the logical conclusion of the CRTC's logic of not allowing more than one firm provide the same service... ....

So get off your butts and tell the CRTC to stop interfering with consumer choice and let FNC air in Canada! (via Kevin Libin)
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