Monday, July 26, 2004

The Decline Of The Convention 

It seems that the elders of network television news are lamenting the twilight of party convention coverage. Personally, I am mostly positive about the decline of conventions as decision-making venues, since the party convention is a process that removes the vast majority of citizens from the decision-making process.

Nonetheless, the consequent transformation of the party convention into a ridiculously expensive and obtrusive advertising monster isn't exactly all that palatable. And with everyone sticking to the script, there is little purpose to closely following what's happening in Boston this week and in New York a month from now.

It's worth noting that Canada isn't immune to this phenomenon. Recall the Conservative "National Leadership Event" a few months back (they didn't even bother calling it a convention).

Ah well, it all works for me, since I'm not really in a pundit mood these days anyways.
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