Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Canada Welcomes You! 

The idea of Michael Moore being an honourary Canadian citizen (via Neale) is absurd, but appealing for the following reasons:

The bizarre thing is that a mayor thinks that he can offer Canadian citizenship to someone... ...and I thought Michael Moore was the crazy one.

UPDATE (Jul 14, 08:55 AM): Bob Tarantino isn't quite as enthusiastic as I am about the idea.
Disagreeing with Bush or the right wing is not being Ā«anti-americanĀ» whatever that hell that means. dissent should never be confused with hatred.

-Graham aka Shem or Shaun?
Geez.... ....if I'm suggesting that Michael Moore should become a Canadian citizen, you should realize I'm saying this with some degree of tongue-in-cheekness.
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