Friday, July 23, 2004

Beer Misconceptions 

The Meatriarch laments the decline of the Molson "I Am Canadian" ad campaign into an oblique "I Am Not American" one. He mentions the "Why don't I drink American beer?" ad, which reminds me of a hilarious segment last night on Global National.

The folks at CanWest Global did a totally unscientific blind taste test, asking people if they can tell between Molson Canadian and Coors Light. The result: 90% of people cannot tell the difference. I'm going to wager that a good chunk of those people did not just say that they can't tell, but actually picked the wrong beer (the few people they aired in the segment all picked the wrong beer).

Now since the common perception is that American beer is to Canadian beer as horse urine is to nectar, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that many Canadians found Molson Canadian to be a crappier beer than Coors Light.

Personally, I don't drink either, 'cuz they're both awful brews. I drink usually stuff from Sleeman or Granville Island Brewing, with the occasional Heineken. Big North American breweries, in my humble opinion, should be avoided like the plague.
Although I am no longer a beer drinker I do sip occasionally from my wife's.

Tuborg remains easily the best tasting beer around
Creemore Springs (Canadian) is fantastic
I don't think you can get it here but Dortmunder Pils kicked ass when I was in Germany.

The Meatriarchy
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