Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Win Or Lose, They Still Want Power 

So there was a bit of headless chicken-ness when the Liberals regained their lead in the polls yesterday. Quite a few people were eager to pounce on Stephen Harper talking up a majority government as an arrogant blunder.

But at least getting that majority still depend on Canadian voters. What sort of an attitude is it when someone wants to form a government without winning the most seats (via Neale)?
Mr. Martin had steadfastly refused to speculate on whether he would try to remain in office if no party has a majority and his Liberals place second in the June 28 election, but he indicated yesterday that it is possible.

When asked whether the party that wins the most seats should always have the first chance to form the government, he said: "I think that that depends on the circumstances. We've all seen combinations and permutations where these things have happened differently."
This sort of Liberal desperation for power is what defines this election (or should define it). The "natural governing party" is even willing to entertain the idea of holding onto the government after the voters kick them out.

If Canadians don't find this to be the very definition of arrogance, then we don't deserve a better government.

UPDATE (Jun 23, 11:30 AM): Paul backs down on this one. He's learned that leaving these back doors open just lets the hounds in. And what he calls "common sense" evidently takes about a day to kick in for this guy.
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