Tuesday, June 29, 2004

A Retro Moment 

It's deja vu all over again: from Mark Steyn's post-election NP column in 2000:
Best of all, Chretien is lucky enough to have the opposition play according to his rules. He insists that Liberal party values are "da Canadian values," and the other parties rush to agree -- even the Bloc, which runs the world's dumbest secessionist movement: They want to break away from Canada to set up a country that in every respect -- punitive taxation, abysmal health care -- will be indistinguishable from the country they've left. We won't have competitive elections until we have competing national visions, which means an opposition that has the courage to frame issues like health in its own terms. Dubya did it down south with education and Social Security. And, whatever you think of him, a nice guy with issues does better than a nice guy running on his niceness. Stock's mistake was to eschew a Bush campaign for a Rick Lazio one, and he still got smeared as a right-wing madman. That's an occupational hazard for conservatives, of course, but it's sheer ineptness to let it happen to you when you're actually running to the left of Tony Blair.

[Emphasis is mine]
Sound familiar?
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