Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Quit Harping About Harper 

Hugh Windsor exposes the "controversy" of Stephen Harper's supposed plans to demolish the Charter for what it is: Liberal Party propaganda mixed with a national media blinded with bias (via Neale).
The Globe wasn't alone. Almost every major paper ran stories that Mr. Harper had been blind-sided by his party's right wing.

So how did we get from counselling (Mr. Martin said almost the same thing to a high-school audience in Saskatoon) to an imperilled Charter, deemed to be the keystone to Canadian democracy?

Answer: by a lot of hyperbole, which the media not only faithfully reported, but in many cases prompted. The abortion-counselling issue transmogrified into the same-sex marriage issue (many Liberal MPs, including parliamentary secretary Roger Gallaway, are openly opposed to the Liberal position) and then on to the role of Parliament dealing with MPs' private member's bills and the use of the notwithstanding clause.
The Liberal Party exists for the sake of power: while Stephen Harper proposes free votes in the Commons to satisfy his party's spectrum of different views, Paul Martin runs on a platform that even some of his fellow Liberals aren't supporting. The question is how long until the media notices the distinction, or will they keep blathering away about Harper the "extremist" until the 28th.
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