Thursday, June 10, 2004

The Gipper Won This One 

For those of you who had the misfortune of picking up The Globe and Mail today and read Lawrence Martin's delightful piece of crap about how Gorbachev, by killing his own country, ended the Cold War and not Reagan, I offer the following:

From Ken Adelman's riveting account of the Reykjavik arms control talks:
Some dozen years later, when visiting the United States, Mr. Gorbachev was asked how it happened. How he came into office ruling the communist Soviet Union, and left office with no Soviet Union and no communism. What was the turning point?

Without hesitation, he answered: "Oh, it's Reykjavik."
And Mark Steyn's reminder of how Gorby got his job in the first place:
In fact, it was Reagan who was responsible for Gorbachev. The Politburo would have gone on rotating the same old 1950s waxworks - Brezhnev, Chernenko, Andropov - for another decade or three, had not Washington's military build-up so exposed the old guard's inability to keep up that, in 1985, it turned in desperation to someone new.
As the saying goes: RTWT.

(And what the hell are you doing reading the Globe and Mail in the first place? I didn't: Google News picked up the article for me.)

UPDATE (JUN 10, 6:45 PM): an excellent rebuttal of the Martin column by Nathan at The Argus. It goes into much more depth on the details of exactly what sort of a man Gorbachev was and how misplaced is the credit that some are giving him. Read it! Now!
I just checked the Technorati profile for that story and it's ridiculous the way that people are swallowing that crap and waving it as fact. Martin conflates the hell out of the issue.

I posted a big-ass reaction over at my personal blog (www.registan.net). The utter lack of knowledge of late Soviet history by people who lived through it drives me nuts.
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