Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Canadian Ostriches 

Trudeaupia posted on the Shotgun an Ottawa Sun column depicting the delusions of Liberal benevolence and reflexive anti-Conservative and anti-American attitudes. But he didn't mention the real meat of the story:
"Harper," said St. Clair, "wants to turn our military into one like the Americans. Armed to the teeth, kill at the drop of a hat. Our history is one of peacekeeping, not fighting."

"Our soldiers," said Heather, "go into situations to keep the peace, not to shoot people. They have all the equipment they need, they don't need American-style weapons."

"We're not a warrior nation," said St. Clair. "Canadians don't want our military over-armed."

If we're ever attacked by a powerful enemy, wouldn't we expect the Americans to defend us?

"That's another myth," said Don. "Who the hell's going to attack us? No one's ever going to attack us. Who've we ever harmed? Go anywhere in the world and Canadians are liked and respected. We're recognized as a peaceful nation."

"Why would terrorists want to do here what they did in the States?" asked Heather. "They have nothing against us. It's never going to happen. Any talk that it will is scare-mongering by the military to get more money. The Cold War is over."
Evidently, our way is not to "shoot people"... ...except, for, you know, the Boer War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the 1991 Gulf War... ...but hey, those were just bizarre aberrations in our history. And the truth is that even peacekeeping ain't no cakewalk, okay?

And, of course, we're not under the threat of Al-Qaeda. I mean, fifth isn't that high on the target list.

The tragedy of the Trudeaupian "mentality" (I use that term with reluctance as it implies actual thought) isn't the mere mindless idolatry of the Liberal Party: it is the delusion of believing that everyone on this planet loves this country to the level that the Trudeaupians themselves claim to love it.
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