Wednesday, May 12, 2004

The Wrong Medicine Can Kill You 

Harper announces that the Conservatives intend on setting up a national Pharmacare program. Instead of getting the feds out of the way and giving the provinces greater autonomy in providing medical care, Harper is turning back on over a decade of his work to what will undoubtedly be another bloated cash suck at least one order of magnitude worse than the billion-dollar gun registry fiasco.

Congratulations Stephen: you have finally shaken my certainty in voting for the Conservatives, and I'm a card-carrying member. And oh, I seriously doubt that this move will really help the party: if I wanted nationalized Pharmacare, I'd vote for the NDP and wait for the Liberal minority to take me there.

I guess there is such thing as a race to the bottom, but it has nothing to do with "market forces". The health care debate is over before it even started. Maybe I should be thankful.

If there's any consolation, though, there's this line from Pierre Pettigrew:
"But as you know with the catastrophic drug plan, we're already ahead on that one. And we continue to provide the leadership on that front, you can count on it," said Pettigrew.
Okay, I know that's not what a "catastrophic drug plan" means, but I can't help but notice how those words work so well together... ....
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