Sunday, May 23, 2004

What? So I'm Not Canadian Now? 

So the writ has been dropped, and Canada's off to an election a mere three and a half years after the last one. Again, Liberal PM rushes to the polls after the Right re-organizes itself (with slight delay due to inconvenience of Adscam). You can give the Grits props for sheer electoral cunning, but you certainly can't say they're creative.

Paul Martin, of course, uses his opening salvo to snap again at the Conservatives and Stephen Harper. If you were to take him at his word, Paul's practically the last line of defence from Stephen Harper running the Stars and Stripes up the flagpole on Parliament Hill.

Harper's own response puts it best:
"You know in this country you can be Canadian without being a Liberal," Harper said in Ottawa just after Prime Minister Paul Martin called the election.

"The government seems to forget that." Harper said. "That's why they need to be defeated. It's that kind of arrogance that leads to the waste, mismanagement and corruption that we've seen."
Let the games begin!
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