Monday, May 17, 2004

Vanity Searches And A Declaration Of War 

Call to arms, people! Time to get your warmongering freak on: self-proclaimed anti-warblogging crusader Antonia Zerbisias is revelling in the temporary hiatuses of several Canadian bloggers as a sign that we're tired and discouraged (originally via Neale, but now all over the blogosphere anyways).

Excuse me: as someone who probably believes in all that stuff about angering the Arab street and all that, isn't this provocation a little counterproductive to her cause? Hey, we don't have to blow ourselves up to make our point!

And yes, personal reasons for not blogging, such as moving, are totally appropriate reasons for Schadenfreude... ...

Sadly I wasn't mentioned, but as consolation to my bruised ego, Sitemeter stats have compelled me to do another vanity search.

And oh yah, our blogging G_D has spoken. Be afraid. Be very afraid... ....

The truth is that recreational bloggers continue to pump out writing at a rate that would shame Zerbisias. And while the growth phase of our movement is past, bloggers are still shaping the debate.

And as for getting on the Toronto Star, evidently I should mention Antonia Zerbisias a lot, because then Antonia Zerbisias will do a vanity search for Antonia Zerbisias, and will hit upon this blog, where the name Antonia Zerbisias will be gratuitously and repeated mentioned. Seems that Antonia Zerbisias and I have at least one thing in common!
I just couldn't be bothered signing in. Nice post. I'm adding your blog to my links.

Occam's Carbuncle
Actually, I found that post a little rough around the edges. Maybe I'm trying too hard and should just blab whenever I feel like it without thinking about it too much, but that just wouldn't be me. Oh, and thanks for the link.
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