Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Shotgun Stuff 

With my parents' visit, I've been sort of out of the loop in terms of current events for the last few days. They've returned to Vancouver now, but it seems that there's no significant news story that hordes of people haven't already written about already.

So I thought I'd do a public service and provide links to the blogs of my fellow Gunners.

Other Gunners that either have no blog or I've yet to find one are Ezra Levant and Kevin Libin. Since Ezra and Kevin L. work full-time at the Western Standard, it's possible that they simply consider the Shotgun their home.

Maybe when I get around to it, I should set up a single page with RSS feeds from all those blogs above. Well, at least the ones that have feeds (obviously not Colby Cosh, at the very least).

Actually, I did manage to post a couple of times on the Shotgun, so maybe it's not all empty in that noggin of mine. But I must emphasize that I have no intention of abandoning here, though. Just waiting for something good to write on.
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