Friday, May 14, 2004

Opportunism First, Justice Later 

Piers Morgan, (former) Daily Mirror editor, on Thursday:
We have listened to what Mr. Ingram has said today, but he has still not produced incontrovertible evidence that the pictures are faked.
Daily Mirror statement on Friday, after sacking Mr. Morgan:
However, there is now sufficient evidence to suggest that these pictures are fakes and that the Daily Mirror has been the subject of a calculated and malicious hoax.
With the beheading of Nick Berg and the fake Mirror photos scandal, the Abu Gharib abuse has become an excuse to defame the decent men and women working to bring decent society in Iraq. And I doubt that this is anywhere near even the end of the beginning of this. The layers and layers of slander will only threaten the safety of troops and Iraqi civilians trying to normalize life in Iraq, and hinder justice for Iraqi prisoners who were truly abused in Coalition custody.
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