Tuesday, May 18, 2004

No Shame Being A Prude! 

Umm... ...explicit sex is Cannes worthy and now the director wants the film to be passed for public viewing in Britain. And the best that a British tabloid can say is that it's the "rudest film ever"? (via Neale)

Oh wait, this is the Daily Mirror we're talking about. Everything's gone down the drain in that pathetic excuse for a newspaper.

And maybe "rude" means something different across the pond. Still, the term usually used for this sort of thing is not so much "film festival worthy" but "h---c--- p----graphy" (not that I don't want to spell it out, but what's the point of disappointing horny teenagers?). This is what passes for tolerable culture in Europe now (probably not mainstream, but nonetheless it obviously doesn't spark quite the same moral outrage).

Meanwhile, unassimilated Muslims are a growing population over there, and their attitude towards women and sex is a lot less liberal. Things in Europe won't be pretty for the next half century or so; prudish, yet accomodating, America suddenly seems a whole lot more attractive.
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