Sunday, May 09, 2004

In UN We Trust? 

I can't wait for John Kerry to come riding in and bringing in all that international and UN support into Iraq that is the only thing between Iraqi Utopia and Iraqi Pandemonium.

Just look at the swell job UN peacekeepers are doing in Kosovo, like the report today of German troops running away from an Albanian mob that is their responsibility to stop (via Neale). But don't get me wrong: not all UN peacekeepers are cowards. For example, there's the Jordanian that shot and killed two American policewomen at Kosovska Mitrovica.

With a history of such atrocities as Srebrenica and Rwanda, and now the quagmire (yah I said it) at Kosovo, expecting the UN to stop violence seems like trying to milk a chicken. Not only does one look stupid doing it, who knows what might result out of it.
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