Friday, May 28, 2004

Huh? Who'll Be The PM Now? 

I got a kick out of this one: evidently the Iraqi Governing Council's choice for the interim PM was totally unexpected by the United States and United Nations alike.

Suddenly the IGC, who everyone has dismissed as irrelevant and disconnected from Iraqis, asserted itself and put itself back on the spotlight. I suspect that some IGC members (besides Iyad Allawi himself) will benefit from this move by putting one foot in the door of the future Iraqi government.

Just because these guys aren't getting democracy all that well sorted out on the national level does not mean that they don't have politics all figured out.

On the appointment itself, Allawi was a proponent of the infamous failed CIA coup attempt of 1996. His past CIA connections aren't exactly the sort of thing that gives me confidence, but he is a Shia Arab with a history of opposing Saddam. Which would probably be a better choice than anyone Brahimi wanted; tying his hands will always be a check mark in my book.
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