Thursday, May 06, 2004

The Dilemma Of The French Guys 

Peter Mackay wants Don Cherry to run for the Conservatives. I think it's pretty cool, but Grapes doesn't seem interested, and I wonder if he'd be too much of a distraction for a new party.

But one good reason to have Don Cherry in Parliament is to piss off pompous Quebeckers. At least the ones that vote for the Bloc. Politicians spin stuff all the time, but they don't get caught flat-out lying like this:
Last week, Bloc Quebecois MP Christiane Gagnon said it wouldn't bother her if Cherry ended his broadcasting career.

"You know, he said that Quebeckers wore helmets and visors because they were cowards," she said. "I felt really outraged by that."
Umm, no, Christiane. All Grapes said was:
"Most of the guys that wear them are Europeans and French guys."

And it's not like he was wrong! I know that the Liberals and the Bloc are the only really viable parties in Quebec at this very moment, so if the Grits lost a few dozen seats in Quebec at the Bloc's expense, I'm not one to really care. Not like the Bloc is even remotely pushing for sovereignty these days. But doesn't the fact that the people of Quebec are choosing between two parties of liars who have no vision come off as a little sad?

UPDATE (MAY 07, 09:00 AM): I need to make a clarification: Grapes did say that visor-wearing players were "turning into sucks." But at most, that means that "French guys -> visors -> cowards," not "French guys -> cowards -> visors" as is being suggested.

Meanwhile, the Toronto Star is saying that Cherry called the visor wearers "cowards" in quotation marks. Note to Susan Delacourt and Star editors: quotation marks are not for words that you imagined someone to have said.
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