Friday, April 16, 2004

Svend: What Took So Long? 

Here is a comment I made on the Haloscan on AndrewCoyne.com on Svend:
All this actually reminds me of my father's frustration that despite Glen Clark's extremely long list of policy failures and pork barrel projects, that he was forced to resign over a deck.

Criminality and scandal are juicy and I think larceny and corruption are more than sufficient bases for a politician's demise. But political ineptitude seems to have a habit of going unpunished, despite its often much larger costs to the public.
The Svend sideshow wore out its welcome probably about a decade ago, and it took a felony to actually end it? People are constanting bitching about how politics is "irrelevant", and then they turn around and vote for self-absorbed misguided idiots like Svend. Folks, if it's crap you want, it's crap you'll get.
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