Monday, April 26, 2004

Stalingrad Ho! 

Fallujah insurgents say to the Americans that "Fallujah will be their Stalingrad."

I wish!

Let's see here... ...what exactly happened in Stalingrad? Germans and Russians spent the whole autumn and early winter killing each other in the city, but it wasn't this massive flow of blood or any loss of morale that pushed the battle one way or another. After all, the Soviets lost twice as many people as the Axis forces. The Russians won at Stalingrad because Hitler was too fixated on capturing the city, and the Russians closed a pincer maneuver outside the city and strangled the surrounded Germans.

Who's in the position of surrounding Fallujah right now? Which side wants to forget about Fallujah as soon as possible? I'm sure it's not the insurgents!

The enemies of America think that America can be defeated by bloodying its nose. The truth is that, first, a bloody nose isn't going to do anything (not after 9/11), and two, the US is not going to let you land that punch in the first place. The biggest advantage of the US forces against the insurgents isn't the guns, it's the brains. American forces are methodical and meticulous, and that is why, with enough political will backing them, they will carry the day.

Especially if it seems like Stalingrad.
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