Friday, April 09, 2004

One Year Later, On Good Friday 

John Kerry once said that the Coalition allies were "fraudulent". Would fraudulent allies do this?
Italian forces using armor and infantrymen were fighting to retake control of the southern city of Nasiriyah. They crossed a bridge over the Euphrates River to rout al-Sadr forces from a building that until early this week had been headquarters of the U.S.-led Coalition Provisional Authority.
(from the San Jose Mercury News)
And, evidently, Iraqis are still hard at work on their day off.
Tribal leaders in Kut -- apparently opposed to the violence incited by the militant Shiite Muslim cleric -- also fought his militia, a U.S.-led coalition source close to the situation said Friday.
(from CNN, via Winds of Change)

canadiancomment points out that if the anti-Coalition paramilitaries are serious about ending the occupation, sending the country into chaos should be the last thing to do. After all, now the talk is to delay the transfer of power, not speed it up. But then, that's not what motivates these murderers and kidnappers.

The insurgents seek chaos for its own sake, because criminals have nothing to gain from ordered society unless they control it, but the insurgents are too weak to seize power. But seeking chaos is a pathetic strategic objective which will garner them no support in the long run and will create a tactical myopia that will allow the Coalition and friendly Iraqi forces to eradicate them to the root. This is why I cringe at the sight of the depravity of what the insurgents are now doing to the Coalition forces and the people of Iraq, but I do not fear their success. Unless, that is, if John Kerry wins the election and pulls a Nixon (as in the Paris "Accords" with North Vietnam). Which would indeed make Iraq "George Bush's Vietnam".

The wounded animal is thrashing out with its last breath. But we paid with blood to get this far, and we cannot turn back. A year ago, a statue came down, and we cannot let anyone other than Lady Liberty to take its place.

Winds of Change
Image from Winds of Change
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