Saturday, March 27, 2004

Who Needs Newspapers? 

Picked up the National Post today, and flipped over to the comments sections. There, I found Andrew Coyne's commentary on the new $100 bill.

The only problem is that this is a verbatim copy of a week-old blog entry on AndrewCoyne.com. Which I can get for free... ...as opposed to the Post (both online and paper versions).

Is this a sign of the rise of blogging, the decline of the National Post (and newspapers in general), or both? Actually, I would say that both trends have been so obvious for so long that this really doesn't ring any alarm bells, although it does signify crossing a certain threshold in both trends.

I do hope that the National Post do better than this. Although there is no arguing its decline since the Asper acquisition, it still serves as the methadone for my addiction to conservative literature: crappy but it'll satisfy the cravings. The Western Standard, after all, comes only once a month.
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