Sunday, March 28, 2004

UVVA Opponents Are On Shifty Grounds 

The US Senate passed the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, recognizing that harming an unborn child during an act of violence to a pregnant women constitutes a separate act of violence against another victim besides the woman. Such common sense legislation is long overdue (of course, on the state level, 29 states have already enacted similar legislation).

Meanwhile, pro-abortionists are howling that the law will be a first step towards the overturning of Roe v. Wade. In one sense, that is the truth: recognizing the unborn as a separate entity with rights will likely be a major step towards the end of the abortion era. However, they have put the cart before the horse: enacting a law protecting the rights of the unborn is the effect of changes in the popular views on fetal status, not vice versa. After all, this is unofficially Laci and Conner's Law. Cases like the Laci Peterson case, as well as technological advances in medicine, are awakening people to the truth of what happens inside the womb. Polls show overwhelming majorities in support of a law like this.

Meanwhile, Sen. Diane Feinstein attempted (and failed) to attach an amendment that replaced treating the fetus as a separate victim with the nebulous crime of "causing termination of pregnancy." Right... ...and why exactly would that be a crime? Last time I checked, pro-aborts compare abortion to tonsillectomy. It's pathetic seeing the pro-aborts twist and contort themselves to explain how it is okay to kill an unborn child if the mother wants it, but it's wrong if someone else forced it, but that it's not actually killing anyone, but it's still wrong... ...geez, by the time these guys figure out what their position is, I could 've grown a beard.

And who are you to tell me that this isn't a human being?

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