Friday, March 26, 2004

Marching For The Motherland 

Long day (in a good way), so I'll leave you with just this.

Left: We'll fight for every inch of our soil! Return our compatriots!
Right: Release the heroes who defend the Diaoyus! Japan must openly apologize and repatriate [for past war crimes]!
Behind (obscured): Diaoyu Islands are Chinese territory!

The Japanese released the seven activists. Good news, but the fact that the Japs are still the ones with the Coast Guard ships hanging around is revolting.

Somehow, all this makes Canada and Denmark's squabbling over an ice-covered rock more relevant and ridiculous at the same time. Relevant, because it's easier to understand why people would squabble over rocks. Ridiculous, because last time I checked, the Danes (modern ones; I'm not counting Viking-Indian battles in Newfoundland) didn't perform biological warfare experiments on Canadians, nor did they engage in a six-week orgy of killing and rape, nor do they try to cover it all up and whitewash it to their next generation.
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