Monday, March 08, 2004

Liberals' New Logo (AKA More Truth In Advertising) 

At first, I thought Paul Martin was either joking or had too many soon-to-be-decriminalized doobies when he suggested that the Liberals change their logo. What, I wondered, could a new logo possibly do to improve the party's popularity? Yah yah, I know it's supposed to symbolize the "new" way of doing things that Paul Martin is so eager to show off, but the concept seemed so ridiculously pointless that I ignored it.

Fast forward a little less than a month later, and it turns out PMPM's little fantasy has indeed come to fruition. I'm not going to display it here: it'd be too aesthetically destructive, and what reader would want to have the Liberal logo staring in his face when coming here, right?

First question: why? Is this logo the symbol of a new party, like the Conservatives? Umm no, not really. Did the party make some dramatic change in policy that necessitated changing its image? Well I'm not sure, 'cuz I haven't really seen any legislative initiative coming from Paul's team in the last few months, despite Paul's entire decade's time to sit back and ponder about these things. It just seems so pointless, and when your party is mired in scandal and infighting, it also seems really really desperate.

Second question: why so ugly? If branding is as evil as the No-Logoites claim, then anything so evil simply cannot be this dumb. What's with the weird curvy fonts? And from the specs, it looks like the entire logo is one indivisible element, including the URL at the bottom. Argh. See the Nodice.ca election page to see how awful this logo looks when shrunk. And they say that the arc "underlines our status as Canada's only truly national party, as well as our vision of a strong, prosperous and united Canada." First off, that looks more like a circumflex, not an aigu. More interestingly, the arc is geographically positioned where Ontario and Quebec would be, leaving the West and Atlantic out. Maybe these logo designers do know what they're doing... ...

Ugly, unoriginal, subliminal sign of alienating the West and Atlantic, and indication of desperation. No, the Liberals don't need the logo change, but the results are sure as hell accurate.

UPDATE (Mar 09, 08:00 AM): Just realized that the logo looks like the sun setting on the Liberal era. Man it doesn't get any better than this. Check out Free Dominion for reaction and parodies of the logo.
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