Wednesday, March 24, 2004

The Eternal Cycle Of Stupidity 

I don't read George Jonas as much now, mainly because he doesn't write as prolifically as other columnists, but he's a really intelligent, eloquent writer. This quote, from an article on the Roh impeachment in South Korea, is a theme that's been repeat ad nauseum, but he puts it so well:
Mr. Roh, 57, was elected by the under-35s of the one-time Hermit Kingdom's population. Most of the over-35s voted against him. Young Koreans resemble young people in other parts of the world in that they know little but think they know a lot. They're suckers for high-flowing cant about equality, peace or human rights, but can't tell the wheat from the chaff and fail to see the reality behind the slogans. Eventually young people learn from experience but the process takes a while and by then a new generation of young people arrives who know just as little and think they know just as much, so the cycle keeps repeating itself.
The question now becomes: what the hell went wrong with my upbringing and how come I never got sucked into the Leftist crap? Not that I'm complaining, mind you.
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