Saturday, January 03, 2004

Bias? What Bias? 

One last entry before I fly to Mississauga.

Yesterday, a judge delayed decision on an application by media outlets to unseal search warrants used for searches last week in the BC Legislature. Now, since this is a court case that the media itself is involved in, one would be a bit more concerned about media bias.

Those of us who watched Global BC's coverage of the incident didn't have to worry about any subliminal media bias, because what they had was blatant propaganda. Continuously referring to the media plaintiffs as "we", endless reporter commentary that was nothing more than making the media's case, making paltry time for the special prosecutor that made the case for sealing the warrants... ...it's a wonder these guys didn't just come out and say "Mommy the judge wouldn't let me see the warrants! Waaaaa!"

I'm not saying that I'm cheering for sealing of the documents, but I do know that I probably don't know enough about the case to really lean one way or another. And considering Global's extensive connections to the federal Liberals, and the Liberals' extensive connections to this case, it's clearly not a case of parroting the boss's line. What it was, though, was classic media arrogance gone bonkers. It's no surprise that mainstream news media is losing its audience. If people want bias, they'll find the kind they want. The best thing for these guys to do is to stop pretending that they're reporting the news instead of making it.

I just realized I'm living in Dalton McGuinty country for the next eight months. Screw the flu; I'm already sick.
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