Sunday, December 14, 2003

"We Got Him!" 

I think we're allowed to gloat for a bit, right?

First off: no, the insurgents aren't going to stop because of this. Indeed, if I was one of them, I'd launch a couple of extra rockets the next time around, just to make sure everyone else knows I'm still around. But I'm confident that their days are numbered. Not just because of the demoralization from this event, but the general change in the balance in favour of the Coalition forces, with better strategies and intelligence. Arrests are up, attacks are down. And now the insurgents are aiming at Iraqis more than Coalition forces, which is just asking for a lot of dead insurgents once the local authorities have more power on the ground.

No, probably not the most insightful or cutting of commentaries, but it's been a few hectic weeks and the chaos isn't going to let up, so bear with me as I get up to speed again.
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