Saturday, December 27, 2003

Thoughts On Las Vegas 

I was gone last week in Las Vegas, hence the lack of blogging. But with the Orange Alert and the Mad Cow coming on within the same week, there's certainly stuff to write about.

On the Orange Alert: although Las Vegas would be an obvious target for Islamist terrorists, the level of visible security was limited to a few more police officers on the beat, and security guards checking out cars going into hotel parking lots. Credit to law enforcement for a relatively transparent presence, or criticism for a nonexistent presence? I'm not anti-terrorism expert, so don't ask me, although I'm pretty sure that essentially last-minute security heightening is infinitely less effective than good human intelligence over at the FBI and CIA.

And as for Mad Cow, well, I'd buy American beef if I can buy it in Canada, but I can't anymore. But hey, I consumed copious amounts of beef when they found that BSE case in Alberta, so I think that speaks pretty much for itself. And to all those Canadians going through a massive case of schadenfreude: go eat yourself... ...or maybe some beef.

Starting from January 4th, I will be blogging from Mississauga, Ontario. Preparing to get there will consume much of the remainder of 2003. Blogging, hence, will remain occasional and of relatively low analytical skill.
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